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More cameras with kind regards from the Danish police

More cameras with kind regards from the Danish police

It seems a simple anti-speeding spot of the Danish Public Roads Administration. But there happens a lot in 40 seconds, the tension, introspection, the turn, family life and great copy (especially in the original Danish version. See below.).

What seems to result in a bloody video with a terrible end changes halfway into a positive message as we have learned from ‘Embrace life – always wear your seatbelt’. Because an accident can change and affect everyone’s life, even within their own family.

The story is told within 25 seconds. The last 15 counts are the real change makers. The ‘what’ and ‘why’ is for everyone to understand. With the icing on the cake: “with kind regards from the Danish police”. Because it’s no bullying the motorist. Well done!

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