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More evidence that tanning is the new smoking

More evidence that tanning is the new smoking

The anti-tanning ads just keep coming. This one is from an Ottawa agency.

Do you think that this jarring, but absurdist, approach will reach youth and denormalize tanning?

What’s interesting about any cause, when it’s in its early phases of social marketing, is that so many different approaches are tested until one sticks. Let’s hope that someone hits upon the magic formula before another generation ends up with skin cancer — not to mention looking like the cast from Jersey Shore.

Canadian Dermatology Association
McMillan (Ottawa, Canada)
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Jake Volt
Copywriters: Christine Caruso, Ian Driscoll, Jared Young
Directors: Graham Rapsey and Jared Young
Editing: Casey Tourangeau
SFX: Andrew Bowser

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