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Mother Earth dumps Big Oil

Mother Earth dumps Big Oil

There isn’t a whole lot to praise in the writing, acting, filming or editing of this video. But as a Canadian, I was taken aback by the line, “The girls up north? It’s way easier!”

The Keystone Pipeline System is a plan to send bitumin and synthetic crude oil from Canada’s Athabasca oil/tar sands to American markets. Having met with considerable opposition in the United States, the plan is not yet approved by the Obama government. As a result, stakeholders have been devoting more attention to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines Project, a plan that would take the fossil fuel products overland from Alberta to British Columbia’s Pacific Rim ports (and onwards to Asian markets).

The latter plan has Canadian government support, although it has caused conflict between the two provinces involved — as well as with environmental and Aboriginal groups.


This online video was produced by the Post Carbon Institute, who state “UNTIL WE SHOW FOSSIL FUEL COMPANIES THAT WE ARE READY for something new, pipelines like Keystone XL are going to keep coming back like an ex-boyfriend who won’t get the hint.”

If the pretty blonde woman in a towel is supposed to be Mother Earth, I guess it’s a good thing that she told the creepy oil dudes stalking her to keep their hands off her “aquifer”. But the jovial approach to sexual harassment was a little much. And then, like an old Saturday Night Live sketch, the video didn’t know when to end.

Oh well. The concept was there. But they’d be better to focus on activism and trust cause marketing production to professionals.


Post Carbon Institute

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