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Mothers go GoPro with disabilities

Mothers go GoPro with disabilities

Cap 48: Mothers go GoPro with disabilities

Mothers of disabled children are compared with extreme athletes in this new campaign from Cap 48. Because there is no difference.
Cap 48 is an initiative from the Walloon broadcaster RTBF for creating awareness about living with a physical handicap.

GoPro, a miniature camera, is used often in extreme sports. It brings the emotions of the sporter very nearby for the viewer.
Agency Air from Brussels used this technique for 24 hours with fourteen year old disabled Johanna and her mother. The three spots give an impression of how to transform the most mundane activities into an extreme sport, if you have a disabled child.

The choice of director for these videos is also remarkable. It’s Mitch Bergsma, a professional wakeboarder and a GoPro-celebrity on YouTube. He is deaf and dumb from birth. (see the behind the scenes video below)

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Behind the scenes:


The other campaigns videos:


Cap 48
Air Brussels
Additional credits:
Director: Mitch Bergsma

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