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Mysterious “photo a day” domestic violence video goes viral

Mysterious “photo a day” domestic violence video goes viral


Posted by an anonymous YouTube account, with the simple explanation “Godina u kojoj sam bila zlostavljana. Molim vas pomozite mi” (“A year in which I was abused. Please help me,” according to Google) this video just hit mainstream online media after being posted on Reddit, where the sign at the end was translated from Croatian as “I don’t know if I’ll make it till tomorrow.”


It’s clearly a teaser campaign for an anti-domestic abuse campaign, using the photo-a-day style to document the physical and emotional toll of domestic abuse. It’s attention-getting, difficult to watch, and is just mysterious enough to get the internet’s scattered and short attention. Let’s hope the reveal does it justice.

Thanks to The Madame (@KeyholeSessions) for the Twitter tip.

UPDATE: My Osocio colleague Tatjana found this in the Telegraf:

…the author of this clip is Mia Hujic, philologist and translator of Italian. She worked as a hostess and model in the show rooms in Italy, and for fashion houses “Ralph Lauren” and “Jill Sander”. As a translator she collaborated with movie houses and worked on the set of the Italian series.

When we called her, Mia was visibly upset and surprised how on the Earth we managed to get to her, because it was more than obvious, that the creators of this project attempted to conceal the identities of people who had made this disturbing video.

According to unofficial information, the Serbian police is involved in case. They are currently working on identifying the girl (although we solve that problem for them) and determining the circumstances under which the snapshot was created. They are trying to find out as well if this case is in competence of our judiciary and the police.

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