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Naked Facts / Gole Činjenice

Naked Facts / Gole Činjenice

Žene nisu meso. Deca nisu roblje. Ljudi nisu roba.
Women are not meat. Children are not slaves. People are not commodities.

The speakers in the video are people from the public life (journalists, actors, directors etc.)

More than half a million people, mostly women and children each year become victims of trafficking. This problem particularly affects the Balkans, the militarization of the region, its geographical position and the difficult economic situation in which people live.

Serbia is now recognized as the country of origin, transit and destination for trafficking victims.
ASTRA is a local NGO devoted to combating human trafficking. The organization was founded in 2000. It was the first who stressed the problem of human trafficking. As a leader in combating human trafficking in our country, since its establishment in ASTRA are dealing with this problem comprehensively, ie. treats different forms of trafficking (exploitation) and different categories of victims – women, children and men. At the same time operating in the area of prevention, education, public awareness, providing direct assistance, reintegration, research and reporting. ASTRA has conducted the first SOS in Serbia specializing in human trafficking, ie. preventive support and assistance and support to survivors of trafficking.

ASTRA received for the program “Human (child) Trafficking – Prevention and Education” for the third consecutive year accreditation from the Institute for the Improvement of Education for school year 2010-11. The program is aimed to sensitization of teachers (in secondary and primary schools) and to enable them to identify potential trafficking victims (children), and in order to develop the potential for timely prevention and education that will focus on the most vulnerable part of the school population.


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