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Native American group calls out FedEx for Redskins sponsorship

Native American group calls out FedEx for Redskins sponsorship

Native American group calls out FedEx for Redskins sponsorship

Artist and filmmaker Steven Paul Judd stars in this short parody of a FedEx commercial, intended to shame a major corporate sponsor of the controversial Washington Redskins NFL team:

Not the most subtle of satire, its point is pretty clear: Why do so many Americans have a different standard for derogatory portrayals of Native Americans than they do for other minority groups?

Ryan Redcorn, who is both a member of comedy troupe 1491s and owner of ad agency Buffalo Nickel Creative, wrote and produced the clip. He told Indian Country Today Media Newtwork he hopes audiences will experience an “a-ha!” moment once they see the video.

Laura Harris, executive director of Americans for Indian Opportunity (part of the Native Voice Network) added, “The point of the campaign is to build awareness that the Washington team name is racist. FedEx has a great diversity statement for their employees and corporation,” she said. “We think it’s hypocritical of them to support an NFL team that uses a racist name when their diversity statement explicitly states they are against racism. … Their sponsorship is not appropriate and not in line with their corporate policy.”

For the past few years, The Washington Redskins have been experiencing increasing pressure to change their name, which is based on a racist anachronism. Many media outlets have announced they will no longer speak the name when reporting on games, the U.S. Patent office has cancelled the brand’s trademark status, and an American U.S. senator is planning introduce a bill to eliminate the NFL’s tax-exempt status due to its inaction over the Washington Redskins name. Nonetheless, the team’s owner Dan Snyder won’t budge.

A previous anti-Redskins campaign, “Proud To Be,” gained considerable press. This latest campaign is yet another tactic in a growing campaign that refuses to back down.

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