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New app fights relationship violence

New app fights relationship violence


The One Love Foundation was established in 2010 to honour the memory of Yeardley Reynolds Love, who was murdered by an ex-boyfriend earlier that year.

As part of their work to educate victims, friends and family, and professionals about how to recognize and report cases of relationship violence, they have developed a mobile app for iPhones and Android that uses an interactive quiz to help friends and family quickly assess a suspected case of relationship violence, and take appropriate action.

There’s also an online PSA in which a mixed group of people watch a young couple in a conceptual fish tank as an argument escalates into male-on-female violence. It’s hard to watch, especially while the observers come up with various excuses for why not to report it.

It’s moving stuff. I only wish they had used different voice talent. The lightweight tone somehow detracts from the seriousness of the spot.

You can also take the danger assessment quiz online here. While I completely understand the statistics around the issue, I have to admit I was put off when I took the “Me” quiz in good faith and got this after two screens:


It’s disappointing, after all that work, that they couldn’t have done more to help men in abusive heterosexual relationships.

Or gay men:


Or gay women:


I can’t blame them for their focus on the most prevalent type of relationship abuse, but it would have been better for them to be upfront about it.

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