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Newspaper campaign challenges South Africans #UnderstandSA

Newspaper campaign challenges South Africans #UnderstandSA

South African newspaper Business Day  challenges South Africans

This new campaign from the South African newspaper Business Day is provoking and impressive. The tagline: ‘Understand your country, or lose it’.
There are currently two TVC’s available. They are about poverty and inequality aiming to create awareness around major issues that South Africa is struggling to deal with.
The visual part is not so exciting, what is said even more.

Donovan Bryan, executive creative director at agency OwenKessel said to Marketing Update: “The intention of the Business Day adverts is to drive home the point of how the political economy directly affects every South African. This is not a paper aimed only at key decision makers and CEO’s, this is a news platform relevant to every South African.
According to our Freedom Charter, we all have the right to freedom of speech and an opinion, especially when it comes to the Country’s governance and policies and this is where we are able to support Business Day’s message of how honest and current reporting is critical to an informed country and an informed country can assist in facilitating change. Business Day report on stories every South African should know and we have never been more proud of a piece of work.”

The TVC below deals with the issues of education and governance. In South Africa’s 2013 national budget, the allocation to basic education is set at R17.592bn. Still, more than 90% of schools in the country are without functioning libraries.

The second TVC deals with issues of inequality, governance and the rights of both foreigners and South African citizens.
On April 30 2013, a Jet Airways airliner carrying more than 200 foreign passengers landed at Waterkloof—a South African air force base—without proper clearance or process, granting the passengers freer access to the country than even South African citizens. Typically, however, undocumented migrants caught in South Africa are detained, transported to Lindela Repatriation Centre and then deported.
As someone on Twitter ask: ‘Does money give foreigners more rights than SA citizens?’.


See the Behind the Scenes video here.

South African newspaper Business Day challenges South Africans

South African newspaper Business Day challenges South Africans

Peter Bruce, editor-in-chief of BDFM, in his blog: “While I am interested in the causes of poverty and inequality here, I am much more interested in how we fix them. This being South Africa, every man and his dog has an opinion and that is a wonderful thing in one way and not so good in another. I, of course, think more people should listen to Business Day! We want a more inclusive capitalist economy and we get there by making it more democratic, like the Germans were forced to do after the Second World War.”

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