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Newspaper to New Paper

Newspaper to New Paper


Scooping up a D&AD Yellow Pencil in this months awards is the brilliant Newspaper to New Paper project from Dentsu, Tokyo. We applaud D&AD acknowledging the great worth of this humble project. Although it was responding to a brief from a commercial client project we think it qualifies as social advertising. Read the entry rationale to see why >>


Design a package for a street vendor that sells farm-grown vegetables and fruits. The brief required somethig original, easy to use and low cost.

We focused on old newspaper used to wrap vegetables with. Newpaper was used for good reasons – for its moisture retention quality which helps keep vegetables fresh longer and for its reuse value. Under the “Newspaper for New Paper” project we utilised what was already there – the newspapers – and added an element of design that would be playful and make people smile… both those selling the vegetables and those buying them. By re-using old papers that would be thrown away, the project was friendly to the environment as well as to the budget. By simply adding colourful dots or stripes to the old paper we came up with a totally new package design.

Sales grew by 20%, as did the number of customers. There was more interaction with customers. Because they liked the design, people didn’t just throw away our New Paper but re-used it for something else. News of the low-cost, original design wrapping paper spread virally to other stores that used newspaper for wrapping. The New Paper project was not just a new design for wrapping paper but a pointer to a better lifestyle for us all.


Additional credits:
Designer: Yo Kimura, Yoshihiro Yagi
Art Director: Yoshihiro Yagi
Copywriter: Haruko Tsutsui
Printer: Nao Morimi
Account Handler: Kosaku Miyata
Brand Manager: Chie Ichida

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