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Nike vs. Adidas Detox Challenge

Nike vs. Adidas Detox Challenge

Ok this is what the teaser which I posted yesterday is about.
It is the new big campaign from Greenpeace about the use of toxic chemicals by the world’s biggest sports brands. Greenpeace choose Nike and Adidas in a challenge to remove these chemicals from the supply chains and products.

While these trendsetting brands are more used to setting the challenges for their customers or competing with each other with award-winning advertising campaigns, Greenpeace decided to turn the tables by challenging them to take the lead and clean up their toxic habit.
Greenpeace: “Who will be first to rise to the challenge, team up with their suppliers and and prove themselves as the ultimate champion of a toxic-free future?”

This all fits in the strategy which Greenpeace started last year. Force major brands to behave environment friendly. It started with KitKat from Nestlé (see the campaign here). Recently they did the Darth Vader spoof against Volkswagen (see the campaign here).

The new Detox Challenge campaign is going round very fast today.
Greenpeace: “Our investigations have linked a number of international brands to the factories responsible for these toxic discharges, including the international sportswear giants Adidas and Nike and the Chinese national sportswear brand Li Ning, amongst others (see the ‘Dirty Laundry’ report for the full list).”

The campaign website contains a lot of background information. Visitors can also personalize the video like we did for Osocio. See the end of the video here.

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