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Nipslip for Pink Ribbon

Nipslip for Pink Ribbon

October Breast Cancer Awareness month.
In the Netherlands the Breast Cancer Awareness month had begun with this nipslip from the famous Dutch actress Halina Reijn before the premiere of a big film from Paul Verhoeven, Zwartboek.

Many newspapers, tv stations and websites got this supposed to be news. After two days Halina Reijn announced is wasn’t a accident but a statement for Pink Ribbon. It was one of the most succesfull statements ever made.
(Pink Ribbon is a magazine started as a fundraising tool for breast cancer awareness.)
LG&F a Belgium advertising agency who is now also based in the Netherlands made the viral campaign complete with two video full of nipslips.
Main copyline: Borsten van Nederland vragen je aandacht.
The breasts of Holland ask your attention.
Pink Ribbon is a strong trademark now!
Below the two video’s.

Quicktime versions here, here and here.


Pink Ribbon

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