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No one deserves to die … Not even hipsters

No one deserves to die … Not even hipsters

It’s great to see a non-profit organization’s print campaign go “viral”, and that’s what happened today with Lung Cancer Alliance’s extremely shareable and darkly amusing No One Deserves To Die posters.




Variations on these themes below mysteriously appeared this week in bus shelters, phone booths, in transit stations, movie theatres and social media sites in 31 American cities like New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Dallas and New Orleans. The reveal is explained in Lung Cancer Alliance’s media release:

“No one deserves to die from lung cancer; not cat lovers, not hipsters, the tattooed, not the one in five patients who has never smoked, or the three in five who have already quit, or the one in five who has been unable to quit. No one.

Breaking down the stigma barrier opens the door for a more constructive public discussion on how to reduce lung cancer’s mortality rate and all the tools are in place to do just that.”

Creative and microsite ( was produced by Milwaukee’s Laughlin/Constable. When it comes to this issue, I’m reminded of the grassroots WTF Lung Cancer (Where’s the funding) movement, another use of attention-grabbing language to spread awareness of a misunderstood disease.

I also like how this campaign builds on trends we’re seeing in mental health outreach – eliminating the stigma associated with an illness.

Maybe the popularity of these images will change our knee-jerk reactions when hearing somebody has lung cancer, ie: “Oh, was he a smoker?”

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