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No terror in Hollywood

No terror in Hollywood

Finally the Terror has no religion campaign is launched. Many blogs and newssites posted about the making of, mostly about the Hollywood atmosphere the tv-spot was made in.
Part of the campaign is print advertising, tv-spot and a dedicated website where you can download most of the campaign material.
Above the tv-spot, below the opinions the printads.

I have a opinion about this campaign but in this case I thought it would be good to ask fellow bloggers around the world to ask their opinion. Feel free to give yours in the comments.

Firat from the Turkish Adblog Elmaaltshift
I think it might work but might not too. The whole world is be positioned to be afraid of muslims and middleast people. Theconspiracy theories, such as England suicide bombers or 9/11 incident, are very good works. You know US and UK made excellent plans to control all over the middleast and let the nonmuslim people hate/afraid of muslims.

I am living in a muslim country. But i do not believe any religions. On the other hand i believe the human rights. And this film shows that, there is something happened that countries and it is very serious. The movie (like action movie) is like a blockbuster movie. Maybe when they shot this spot, they might think that if we make like an Hollywood movie, we make people think.
I think, this campaign may fell or up. I don’t know.
Visually, the spot is quite beautiful, but unfortunately I can not be impressed. Maybe because of the director. I don’t know.

Kari-Anne from the Dutch marketingblog Molblog
I have mixed feelings about the effect the ‘commercial’ will have, but I do think that the campaign as a whole is a good thing.
A suicide bomber probably knows the horror he/she’ll cause when he/she blows himself/herself up. Part of the reason why they do it.
Will it affect the people who are about to become radical and fundamental in their use of their religion?
I honestly wouldn’t know.
But I still think any effort to tell people that killing people is wrong is a start.

Still, I have more faith in the rest of the campaign that’s showed on the site
I think it’s powerful. Taking the Islam back, so to say. Out of the hands of the fanatics and crazy ones who abuse this religion.
Aiming at what’s good and rightful in the moslim faith is a good beginning in ending this madness.

Noah from Another Limited Rebellion
My first impression is that it doesn’t really faze me, which is a bad thing. Personally I would spend more time on the pain of aftermath and less on the explosion. It’s too sexy Hollywood special-effects looking. Often I feel like the beautiful social campaigns are designed more to win awards than actually have an effect.

Overall I wonder who this is aimed at exactly. It doesn’t seem like it would convince would be terrorists not to act. It also seems like it may even reinforce some stereotypes when people in the West see it. I think the tag line is probably the most interesting/potentially powerful element of the campaign (though the dripping blood seems simplistic to me).

Zeid Nasser from Adblog Arabia
I blogged about it back in June when they were filing it:

Having now seen it on several Arab satellite TV channels, allow me to explain the Arabic text. First to summarize the text from verse from the Holy Quran, it bascially says that those who kill an innocent soul will be punished as if they killed all the people. Then the slogan in the end says “Terror has no religion”.
Simply, the mainstream muslim masses and public agree.
But, how much impact does the ad have on radicals and those who mis-interpret martyrdom and religion?
If a young, angry person who could be recruited by these groups in the future sees it, maybe it will deter him when he sees the devastation and killing of innocents.
However, for someone who’s already in such groups, or planning to carry out an operation… the impact seems very limited, if any at all.

So? Who is the ad aimed at, and is there any use to produce such ads, when there are real problems that need to be addressed? Like how do these terror groups brainwash these individuals?
These people come from backgrounds of oppression and poverty, who are the most affected by injustices, and who believe that everyone who goes about their lives cooperating with occupiers (in this case, Amercians in Iraq) are targets. Also, these groups use Iraq as their playground because it’s the easiest battlefield to hit back at Amercians and ‘cooperators’ ….
Removing the motivation, which is foreign and oppressive control of a country, is the only way to abolish the basis of terror group recruitment of young men.
I am now only talking about Iraq. Every other terror act in the world in other countries has a different motive and utilizes other variables to recruit.

Here’s what’s interesting: Iraq used to be run by a military dictator who successfully prevented any such groups from existing in or coming to Iraq. It was the safest Arab country. Iraqi’s I talk to wish they could now get back security and economic welfare even if it means dictatorship.
It says a lot about dictatorship vs. chaotic-unplanned freedom doesn’t it!

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