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Nobody can live with Swiss chocolate

Nobody can live with Swiss chocolate


Swiss chocolate is the best, say experts. And that opinion is about the final product.

The production of chocolate is a different story. The raw materials are harvested under bad conditions, like child labor and human rights violations.

Swiss chocolate companies and dealers are implicated in this, according to the Die Erklärung von Bern (The Berne Declaration). The organization started a campaign, in advance of Easter, to inform the Swiss public.

Companies such as Nestle, Lindt and Mondelez (formerly Kraft Foods) neglect their social responsibilities, and still a third of the industry refuses to provide any information at all.

The main problem is the lack of traceability of the cocoa raw materials. It is the outcome of a recent study by the Berne Declaration.

More than 20 million people make a living from cocoa farming. This requires transparent and controlled supply chains and major investments in actions against child labor and price guarantees that allow cocoa farmers a decent living.


The two TV spots will run until Easter on TV and online. Another important part of the campaign is a Facebook app where visitors can sign a petition by putting their name on a virtual piece of chocolate.


Die Erklärung von Bern
Additional credits:
Roli Hofer (Concept and Art Direction)
Samuel Textor (Concept and Copy)
Michael Benz (Strategy and Consulting)
Agency Producing: Niels Vije
Production Company/Animation Studio: Kompost
Oliver Conrad (Direction and AD)
Gian Klainguti (Executive Producer)
Sandra Monse (Producer)
Adrian Suter (Animation/Compositing)
Beate Veth, Ignasi Duelo (3D Artists)
Social Media: Serranetga (App Production)
Media: Zip Media (TV).

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