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Nominees for the Osocio’s Best Campaign of 2009 announced

Nominees for the Osocio’s Best Campaign of 2009 announced

Osocio is happy to announce a list of ten nominees for the Osocio’s Best Campaign of 2009 award. Osocio has started selecting best campaigns featured on our blog, because we want to put the most creative and innovative social ads into spotlights. So that non-profit organizations can learn and benefit from these best practices. We don’t intend to compete with big advertising festivals. Our aim is to award grassroots initiatives and advertising campaigns that try to solve real-life problems. Let’s not forget that Osocio is the place where advertising and activism collide.

This is the Top 10 list of the best social campaigns featured on Osocio in 2009. One of these campaigns will become the Osocio’s Best Campaign of 2009:

Message from the Gyre by Chris Jordan


Storytelling: Choose a different ending by AMV BBDO for the London Metropolitan Police


Watermarks make the flood visible by Chris Bodle


The trillion dollar campaign by TBWAHuntLascaris for The Zimbabwean


Before you turn away put yourself in my place by David & Goliath for the Weingart Homeless Center


Just add water by Kennedy Monk for Yes Men + Bhopal Medical Appeal


The smoking plant by Fischer America


Contemporary beauty ideals by Ogilvy & Mather Frankfurt for ANAD


Going west with the New Zealand Book Council by Colenso BBDO


TubePetition by Mizbala


The rules for the 2009 contest are quite simple:
– First, a small team of Osocio bloggers looked through each and every posting of 2009 to select ten nominees (see the list below). We selected initiatives and ideas that were more than just advertising with clever uses of media, technology and content generated by activists & people.
– As we write, the Osocio bloggers are judging the nominees to select the Best Campaign of 2009.
– In a week, we will announce the winner(s).

In 2010, the rules will change in order make the selection more thorough and to involve our readers in the judgement process:
– The Osocio’s Best Campaign of 2010 (and beyond) will be chosen from the Best Campaigns of the Month.
– Ten nominees for the Best Campaign of the Month will be selected by bloggers and readers. The readers can rate each posting on Osocio; the Top 5 campaigns go to the nominees list. Another five campaigns will be selected by the bloggers: each blogger creates her own Top 5 list; five campaigns that got most of the Top 5 ratings go to the nominees list.
– Finally, the bloggers select the Best Campaign of the Month by giving each nominee a mark from 1 to 10, where 1 is bad and 10 is outstanding.