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Nominees for the Osocio’s Best Campaign of 2010 announced

Nominees for the Osocio’s Best Campaign of 2010 announced

Osocio is proud to announce a list of twenty nominees for the Osocio’s Best Campaign of 2010 award.

Last year, we did this for the first time and it was quite interesting. In 2010 we did it a little differently.
Each month, all the Osocio bloggers voted for the Campaign of the Month. The result: 15 great campaigns shortlisted for this Campaign of the Year election (15 because in three months we had two winners).
From all second places I choose personally 5 editor picks. that makes 20 nominees in total.


Changing behaviours
“We’re in the business of changing behaviours, not winning awards.” is the statement Armando made last year. Why are we doing this award, then? Because we want to put the most creative and innovative social ads in the spotlight, so that non-profit organizations can learn and benefit from these best practices.

We don’t intend to compete with big advertising festivals. Our aim is to award grassroots initiatives and advertising campaigns that try to solve real-life problems. Let’s not forget that Osocio is the place where advertising and activism collide.

The 20 nominees this year show us a remarkable evolution in social advertising. When I started blogging about this niche industry in 2005, most of the campaigns where print-only. The majority of the campaigns in 2010 are driven by online video. Digital and real-world interactivity, and social media, are growing fast. My prediction for 2011 is that these two will be the leading campaign instruments.

Just like last year each jury member will choose a top-10 from the nominees list and score them from 1 to 10.
All Osocio bloggers are members of the jury. And I’m proud to announce these ten external jury members:

  • Aurélia Courtot, founder and blogger at
  • Constantin Nimigean, Owner and blogger at oitzarisme, an important inspirational website about photography and founder of Love Issue online magazine.
  • Fırat Yıldız, Art Director at McCann Erickson Turkey and blogfriend for a long time at Elma+Alt+Shift.
  • Geoff Livingston, former public relations strategist, now Co-Founder, CMO at Zoetica.
  • Jean julien Guyot, Trust Manager at agency SID LEE and blogfriend for a long time at IPUB.
  • Martina Zavagno: Interactive marketer working for a premium sports brand. And famous advertising blogger at Adverblog.
  • Nedra Kline Weinreich, Founder of Weinreich Communications, expert in the field of Social Marketing.
  • Olga Figurska, Editor in Chief at the Polish website about social advertising Kampanie Społeczne.
  • Sacha Declomesnil: E-marketing and web2.0 strategist. Specialist in fundraising 2.0. His blog.
  • Tim Nudd, Editor at

The deadline for the jury is February 5.
The winner will be announced at February 7.

This is the Top 20 list of the best social campaigns featured on Osocio in 2010. One of these campaigns will become the Osocio’s Best Campaign of 2010 (see them after the break):


Aides: Naughty Graffiti
Aides / France / TBWAParis
See the original post



Zero Rupee note fights corruption
Fifth Pillar / India
See the original post



Have a break: Greenpeace vs KitKat
Greenpeace / UK
See the original post


I kill 15 people every minute
Solidarités International / France / BDDP & Fils
See the original post


May I
Every Team Needs a Shirt
180 / Netherlands/USA
See the original post



May II
Old Is The New New
HOPE Worldwide / India / Dentsu Marcom Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon, India
See the original post



Instant Oil Spill
Greener Media / USA / Mark & Phil
See the original post



July I
Alzheimer’s Erasers
Alzheimer’s New Zealand / Colenso BBDO, Auckland, New Zealand
See the original post



July II
Dispensing Dirty Water
See the original post


The Majestic Plastic Bag
Heal The Bay / USA / DDB
See the original post



Signs of trouble on the I-75
Norm Magnusson / USA / Funism (Norm Magnusson)
See the original post



It Gets Better
Dan Savage / USA
See the original post



The Guide Dog Interviews
Guide Dogs NSW / ACT / Australia / Three Drunk Monkeys
See the original post



December I
What’s so great about growing old?
Liga Preuana de Lucha Contra el Cancer / Peru / Y&R, Lima
See the original post

liga contra el cancer


December II
Attraction Le Manga
INPES / France / DDB Paris
See the original post



Editor pick

Embrace life – always wear your seatbelt
Sussex Safer Roads Partnership / UK / Daniel Cox
See the original post



Editor pick

The $73,000 bar bill
Ogilvy Brazil
See the original post



Editor pick

A history forgotten is a future lost
Apartheid Museum / South Africa / TBWAHUNTLASCARIS
See the original post



Editor pick

The Test Tube / Canada / National Film Board of Canada
See the original post



Editor pick

It rarely stops
National Domestic Violence Hotline / USA / Y&R Chicago
See the original post



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