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Non-profits: embrace the pearls for your cause

Non-profits: embrace the pearls for your cause

I bought myself an Apple TV recently. And I’m not the only one who connected the TV on the internet. It is the new thing to explore.
It changed my media consumption madly. Instead of watching the regular stuff I spent my spare time with exploring short films. And there is a lot out there. The kind of stuff I’m not watching on my desktop computer. Because I’m too impatient for. But slumped on the couch is a different story.

That makes me think. What can non-profits do with with new online evolution? The connected TV is in it’s early stages but you can already can do something. Without any budget.
Build yourself a playlist on Vimeo or YouTube and start exploring. As the title above says ‘embrace the pearls for your cause’. I see it as a new way of storytelling.

Like the video above. It is about Michael and his daily ritual to find his natural self through surfing. Michael is partly paralyzed but don’t inhibit his wishes.
He find his way to dance, to be fluid, to feel free. As the filmmaker describes: “One man’s struggle to transcend”.

A perfect example I think for an organisation like Cap48, Fundación paraLife or Disabled People South Africa.

Aggregating pearls for your cause isn’t the most important part in your marketing strategy. It is something extra. It shows your audience that your have the eyes wide open. And it force you tho think outside your own borders. The limits of your area of ​​interest are often more exciting than what you’re doing everyday. (And you don’t need an expensive ad agency 🙂

Of course you can do more than just building a playlist. Use the videos on your blog. Or build a section on your organisation website for inspiration. Share it it on your Facebook page or Twitter. It is that easy.

Video: Birthright
Directed by Sean Mullens
Cinematography by Sean Mullens


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