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Nordic Noir stars want higher penalties for child abuse

Nordic Noir stars want higher penalties for child abuse

In Sweden, the penalties for child abuse are extremely low. In 2011 the country had been criticized by the UN on this issue. Often enough, the abuse is dismissed with a fine.

The Swedish organization ECPAT would like a national debate about this and used the comparison of spitting chewing gum on the street. Because the penalties are similar.

Agency Svensson chose highly relevant movie stars to open the debate. Noomi Rapace, known from the Millennium series, and Joel Kinnaman, leading actor in The Killing, speak directly to the viewer with examples of child abuse.
Highly relevant because both actors are known from movies and TV series about abuse and violence.

The TV spots were created in the recognisable slow acting and almost monochrome Nordic Noir style.
ECPAT also made this campaign website. They ask the Swedish people tho use the hashtag #sopigstraffskala (translation: broken sentencing scale).

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