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Not even once

Not even once



Meth seems to be one of the most addictive drugs ever. Since last year many campaigns started to tell how dangerous it is to use it.
The campaign here is the second one from the Montana Meth Project. It’s croosmedia with ads for tv, radio, print, outdoor and online.
The first campaign was made from the point of view of the Meth addict. The did a great job with that one.
This campaign seems to be much harder. The message, Meth not even once, is pointed to possible meth users.
Although I like the technical quality of the campaign, I’m not convinced if the confrontating style would work. In my opinion the visuals are overacted.
Maybe I’m wrong.

The Meth not even once website gives a lot of information and you can find a lot more items of the campaign.



Montana Meth Project

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