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#NotBuyingIt… the App

#NotBuyingIt… the App

#NotBuyingIt… the App

#NotBuyingIt is the hashtag used by the social media feeds for Miss Representation (both the film and the movement) to call out sexism in advertising and media. And now, it’s an App as well.

Available for iPhone, it allows users to “create, join and win campaigns against sexism in the media.”

Jezebel describes it, with two well-placed F-bombs, thusly:

The #NotBuyingIt app, presented by The Representation Project, is a free download from iTunes that allows users to tweet about ads and other media that rubs them the wrong way, connect with others who were similarly rubbed the wrong way, browse ads that led other users to air their frustration on social media, sign petitions urging businesses responsible for the wrong way rubbing to reconsider their marketing strategy, and even search for ways a particular company has fucked up in the past. In addition, the app allows users to screen grab ads and stamp them with #NotBuyingIt. Imagine if someone put all of the advertising fuckery into a library that’s instantly accessible from your Apple-manufactured device.

I’ll download it myself and get back to you later with a review…

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