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It is hard to surpise me with new creative work after blogging four years about social advertising. But Nuru did! In this post three gorgeous video’s all made in house. It is a combination of personal stories and animated storytelling.
Nuru, a Kiswahili word meaning “light”, is a new humanitarian organization at the crossroads of innovation and extreme poverty.

Nuru founder and CEO Jake Harriman attended the U.S. Naval Academy and served over 7 years in the Marine Corps as an Infantry Platoon Commander and a Special Operations Platoon Commander for an elite unit called Force Recon. During his career, Jake assisted in numerous humanitarian and disaster relief operations in the developing world including Indonesia and Sri Lanka after the Asian tsunami, and he completed 2 combat tours in Iraq. After witnessing the fight against terror firsthand, Jake came to believe that the war against terrorism won’t be won on the battlefield alone. It must be won by eradicating the root causes of terrorism: extreme poverty, lack of education and injustice. Jake left his old life in the Marine Corps and dedicated himself to studying humanitarian development, organizational leadership, innovation, and the problem of extreme poverty. He enrolled in Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business (GSB) where he began learning at the legendary Center for Social Innovation.

Jake Harriman tells his story in his own way in the video above.

More video’s from Nuru here.


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