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Observing the world by Zoran Popovic

Observing the world by Zoran Popovic

This is a new ( but so old and forgotten) concept of visual communication, which has this A-ha moment because it is known to everyone but has remained undefined in Art as an expression of perception. This is, at this time of technology and saturation of it, the return to the roots of Art, which is the observation of the world around us. We have forgotten to observe the world around us and that is why Art is either just repeated in its expression or is so separated from human-being, dehumanized, that it has become just an outline of the technologies that surround us.
The book “Observism” by Zoran Popović, as a missing link makes us return to an archaic way of seeing the world around us. The superficiality in communication is reflected in areas where deeper meaning is needed, this great example here is for the Art. This today’s human need to find meaning in everything only reveals that in our loss we have forgotten that missing link, which is to find ourselves in the small things that are around us and thus within us. It’s not a devil in details than our connection to the space around us is that cherubic detail we lost in ourselves.

Brand “Wordest” is the place or umbrella concept under which the book “Observism” appears аs a start up project. This start up project also includes works on canvas, posters etc. Zoran Popović is self taught artist and writer, from Serbia, who interrupted his study of architecture in the third year, when the country in which he lived was in the war. As he says: “It’s hard to find the meaning of life while thinking at the same time whether the bomb will fall on your head” I would say, Zoran finally found himself.

“Observism” is , I am so free to call it work of art.

Him and Her

A Woman



The book is a collection of details from the real space that Zoran’s sharp eye recognizes. He gives them a fine touch, name and a role in written scene, and through this process they find their place in time as artwork.

In regard to many that discerned, but failed to apprehend, it would be unjust to say that it has never been seen. With the ability to comprehend, only a few have been gifted, and by this I consider in this book not only the perception of rarity but also of uniqueness that brings us back to the initial momentum of Art and that, which is its duty to gift us with. Perceptionism as a term widely used, acquires here direct disclosure in the reality that surrounds us. The space that speaks to us of its existence as such, only within that seized, picturesque moment. That moment tell us an untold story, to every artist whispered or as an image revealed, at the time when he himself became aware of it as well as of his duty to remould it into a piece that will be enduring and perhaps even exceed him in its greatness.

Observism by Zoran Popovic

Observism by Zoran Popovic

Zoran Popović about his Work and his book „Observism“:
“The meaning that can without exception be referred to as the beauty of existence is in everything that surrounds us. Its beauty, which we perceive as the meaning, is assembled from the uninterrupted relation of opposites, in fact, from their dramatic encounters and interferences. Whether we experience and perceive this as a relation between the light and the dark, soft and sharp, full and empty, large and small, warm and cold, old and new and so on, it matters not. The final produce is nothing but a logical consequence of the mentioned process and the relationship that we rationally perceive as something familiar, something real, of what we are a constant part of, as the one who is aware of it and confirms it through all forms of spatial communication.

Our tendency to evaluate what we perceive, experience and thereby live accordingly, makes the core of our existence, which is perception, unspecified or scattered, rather diffused. One could say that we see everything but the essence. In the final sense of the word, this means we use sensual perception only on the margins of its possibilities. Speaking of the time, we will be unaware of the present because of the game between the past and the future being only the tools enabling us to perceive the present, in terms of the quantity of any kind from something great or small we will not notice the balance of their relationship, when talking about sounds or colors, it is the same and so forth.

The long-established truth about the thin line separating the genius from the madness, life from death, war from peace, beauty from ugliness reveals in a very picturesque way the story of the border line that is everything that connects us to the world that surrounds us. The line is the energy vedette we call perception. To cognize it as the field in which the one who perceives merges with what is being perceived is the unfolding of the possibilities of discerning the beauty of meaning. In one way, the beauty of meaning in a distinctive and very original way reveals itself as an archetype of everything that we familiarize with through sound, image, form, and so forth, while in the other way revealing that all this is also to be found within our own essence, that it is in fact, the same stuff we ourselves are comprised off.

The book reveals the perception personified in which the one who sees and that which is seen merges into one whole. What is seen are the images painted by a virtuous hand of time with all the characters that it consists of, from weather conditions, human, animal, plant or un-living factors, the chemical reactivity of matter on which they find themselves, the play of light and shadow, and so forth.

The moment is seized and untouched. Just as it is. The picture is perceived and untouched. Just as it is. The image is recognized and untouched. Just it is. All in all, it is a kind of homage to the great master, to the perception itself, conscious and untouched, just the way it is. The one who sees it through the lens, and with help of light processing of the technological assistance, with the intention of emphasizing the visual, made the image more familiar to the eye of the beholder. In this way, the moment has been established and immortalized as something concrete, which means that the picture was drawn from the context of a wider perception and in this way emphasized as the Master moment of the dance of form and light within space. Its precision is not a perfect accuracy of expression, regardless of whether we are talking about the line, color or narrative it offers. Its precision is the invitation to discern the untold precision through which we can build our own higher perception.

The times we are living in are a period of retrospective, the period in which we must once again embrace the nature of reality that is around us just as it is within us. In this crucial period, the beauty of natural reality comes from the exterior, to once again, in a messianic way, point out to the essential, the essence of the natural, that is our only chance to truly evolve, yet, by which we are encompassed, not only as by a form within space, but as by the works of art that the Nameless has devised, according to his inexpressible and unknown scenario and that shall be named, and just as his pieces fathomed, once more, through all those that introduce themselves by their names.”

THE WOMAN TRANSCENDS THROUGH THE SPIRITUAL WORLD, Art work from the Book on Canvas by Zoran Popovic

Art work from the Book “Observism” on Canvas by Zoran Popovic
Belonging to the first generation of true Europeans, with roots almost covering the continent, I spread my life between Germany and Serbia. Read more