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Occupied since 1950

Occupied since 1950

April 30 is Queensday, the national holiday, in my country. Part of the festivities is the free market where we can sell own things on the street. The day before, everyone tries to occupy a good place mostly done with tape and the text ‘Bezet’ (occupied).
Saatch & Saatchi Amsterdam took that idea as part of a campaign for Tibet with the title ‘Bezet sinds 1950’ (occupied since 1950). Today they claimed several spots in Amsterdam in the shape of the Tibetan territory.
Visitors are invited to visit the website where they can find more information about the nonviolent struggle of the Tibetan people against the occupation.

The word ‘Bezet’ is often used when referring to WWII, the time the Netherlands was occupied by the Nazi’s.

International Campaign for Tibet (ICT)
Saatch & Saatchi Amsterdam

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