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October 2: Disconnect and Enjoy

October 2: Disconnect and Enjoy

With the advent of new technology our lives should have become progressively simpler, happier and more connected. But is that what is really happening? Seems that with the myriad gadgets we invent to enable us to stay connected, the more disconnected we become.
We might be attending a stimulating lecture, enjoying a night out with friends, yet our hands are tapping in text.
We might be spending time at the park, watching our toddlers in the playground, but our fingers and our mind are distracted with ‘important’ matters.
We could be sitting in a restaurant, soft music in the background, enjoying dinner with our spouse, yet each of us is glued to our respective phones.

I’m not sure about this. I’m online 12 hours a day mostly and I know it is not always a pleasure for those I live and work with.
Ohr Naava, Women’s Torah Center in New York, ask the world to disconnect your smartphone on October 2 even if only for one hour.

We had the successful example of Earth Day, the day many people in the world turned the lights off for one hour.
In most cases I like to decide what to do myself. And I tried to disconnect one day a week. That didn’t work.
Maybe the day to disconnect isn’t a bad idea at all.


The thing I don’t get is the reason why Ohr Naava is organizing this day. They are doing Torah education for women, ages 17-120 (…).

At G+ I found this link to an article about smartphone addiction at the website of Paul de Gregorio. With this video made in South Korea:

Ohr Naava

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