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Of all Halloween monsters, “demon alcohol” is the scariest to kids

Of all Halloween monsters, “demon alcohol” is the scariest to kids


“How do our childen see us when we’ve been drinking?” asks this English-adapted spot for Fragile Childhood, a Finnish organization that advocates for children of parents with substance abuse issues.

I get the point, as I have known people with truly monstrous alcoholic parents. But for most of us, fortunately, the portrayal is highly exaggerated.

Adfreak’s Tim Nudd called it “most unsettling PSA we’ve seen since the infamous 2008 Red Rabbit spot from Germany about childhood sexual abuse.”

But considering that Alcohol-related health problems are among the most common causes of death for both men and women in Finland, and have been for several years, I can see how they would be so hardcore about demon liquor.

Perfect for Halloween, though. Have a safe and responsible fright night.


See one of the organization’s previous spots here.

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