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On the Shoulders of Giants for Bodily Autonomy

On the Shoulders of Giants for Bodily Autonomy

This is not the most exciting campaign video that you will encounter. On the contrary. And yet the video is good. Or perhaps just because it is not exciting. It is the historical perspective what makes it so clearly.

The video is part of the recent campaign from the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) called #WeTrustWomen. It is an indictment of one of the last misogynistic laws in the country. In every country in the UK, a woman who ends her own pregnancy without legal authorisation can be imprisoned. In short it is about abortion and bodily autonomy.

The organization:

Does a more out-dated, patriarchal law exist in Britain today than this? We believe abortion should be governed by the same robust regulatory and ethical frameworks which govern all other medical procedures in the UK. In the 21st century we should be trusting women to make their own decisions about their own pregnancies, and removing the threat of prosecution from those healthcare professionals providing women with the services and support they need.

The #WeTrustWomen campaign is an initiative of the BPAS. To obtain broad support they made it a coalition with currently more than 20 organisations supporting.

Tumblr is also used to tell the stories and victories in former times, the Shoulders of Giants. All in relation to the current action.

Advertising Agency: Don’t Panic, London, UK
Creative Director: Richard Beer
Creative: George McCallum
Project Manager: Chloe Cross
Production company: The Mono Grande
Illustrator: Samuel St Leger
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