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Open Caucus

Open Caucus


Thomas Jockin sent in this interesting artwork. He is working for the nonprofit organisation ACP (Active Citizen Project). Their mission is to have the voices of the underrepresented heard by the larger public and public leaders held accountable by those voices.

One of their projects is Open Caucus, a classroom activity that take place in high schools in the USA.

– The Message: Is the voice decided by thousands of under-represented people from all parts of the country.
– The High School: Helps connect the messages of their students to designers.
– The Designer: Works with the messages creates a poster to represent it.
– Finally the designs will be sent back to the kids to distribute to their communities.

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ACP (Active Citizen Project)

Founder of Osocio. It all started with collecting election posters in 1973. And that's never stopped. Read more.