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Opera Alzheimer: a brain opera

Opera Alzheimer: a brain opera


Poster © Frits van Hartingsveldt

In the Netherlands a new opera had it’s first night last week: ‘Opera Alzheimer, a tragi-comic brainopera’.
I haven’t seen it yet but I have heard some pieces and a interview with Bert Keizer, the writer of the libretto.
The opera is about the fate of people with alzheimer but also the sorrow of the family and friends.
Bert Keizer told that many spectators of the opera get very emotional, most of them where crying. Well I admit, me too. My father had alzheimer in the last twelve years of his life.

The opera tells the story of the life of Jaap de Groot; his changing relationship with his wife and kids at home, his stay at the nursing-home and finally his death.
Frits van Hartingsveldt made the poster. It visualise the slow dying of the brain by using a candle.

Opera Alzheimer is a production of Muziektheaterunie.

If you read and speak Dutch:
Interview with Prof. Dr. Dick Swaab and biologist Midas Dekkers
Interview with the writer of the libretto Bert Keizer

Below some excerpts of the opera.

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