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Osocio: Awards can’t feed the hungry

Osocio: Awards can’t feed the hungry

osocio-africa-poverty is a new website made by duo Jon & Adam, recently left their respective agencies in New York, who were used to getting ideas stolen – and decided to make it official.

Just for fun I asked them to make a concept for Osocio and they came with these three ads (click images to enlarge).
It plays on a human truth about how a lot of social advertising is done for the wrong reasons (awards where the work doesn’t actually run) and how it needs to make a difference in the real world. Jon & Adam feel this is a needed message that your brand can get behind during this award season, seeing as how your site acts as an in-between for both advertising people and social activism.

“Every year hundreds of PSAs are done for the wrong reasons.
Help us to create social advertising that actually makes a difference.”

Osocio fully agree! As Osocio blogger Armando said last year: “We’re in the business of changing behaviours, not winning awards.”
And don’t forget to see our updates about the Cannes Lions 2009 next week 🙂
Thanks Jon & Adam.

Enough about us. Take a look at and don’t be shy, ask a concept for yourself, brand or ngo.




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