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Osocio Campaign of the Year 2011

Osocio Campaign of the Year 2011


A record number of blogposts. A shortlist of 80. A team of hand-picked jurors from around the world. And just three winners.
The wait is over for Osocio’s campaign of the year 2011.

The winning campaign:

The Return of Ben Ali

An entry that comes, not from the West, not from a mainstream cause. But from the Arab Spring, the spontaneous grassroots movement that 2011 will always be remembered for.
We loved it because it shows that even in the midst of chaos and conflict, a great idea can still inspire action.

We also introduced a new category to highlight technology ideas that change lives. The winning Innovation:

A Litre of Light

A simple, cheap, spreadable innovation that will bring free light to the homes of people in Manila and change lives forever. With a lovely film to show it off.

And finally, this year we had to introduce a new category for social movements. Because change isn’t always driven by NGO’s, but can still rely on a powerful communications idea. The winning Social Movement:


Our jurors picked ‘Occupy’ as a powerful and unifying rallying cry that brought the politicised, the dispossessed and the just plain angry together in cities all over the world.

Thank you to all our readers, all our bloggers, all our commenters and jurors – and most importantly to all those using their talent and creativity to make the world turn in a more positive direction.


Campaign of the Year: Tunisia: The return of Ben Ali

Advertiser: Engagement Citoyen
Agency: Memac Ogilvy Label, Tunisia
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Reinier Spruit: From all 12 nominees this is the one campaign that had it all, for me. In the video you can seriously see the campaign doing its work, in support of the democratic awakening. The campaign made passersby curious at first, than it ignites a spark and makes the people on the street unite to take action, the twist and surprise in the end is priceless. It makes people think and therefore the campaign message will resonate and (hopefully) has the impact it was meant for.

Claire Kerr: “The Return of Ben Ali” is a simple idea that prompts an immediate emotional response. Some “awareness” campaigns exist to push buttons without driving actions, but not this nominee. This message was the perfect tone to take to encourage democratic momentum in Tunisia. It reminds citizens that Tunisians were the ones to end Ben Ali’s regime – do they want him back now that they’ve come so far? Never!

Monica Curca: The Return of Ben Ali was so effective because it somehow transported the viewer to a former reality: one of living under the burden of Ben Ali’s cult personality and daily injustices – something the Tunisian society had already overcome in their Revolution When the message to go and vote was pulled down by the power of the people on the street, suddenly the viewers together let out a collective sigh of relief…that in fact the Revolution was not just a dream…but the Tunisian reality – full of hope and potential that they had the power to continue.

Innovation of the Year: Simply brilliant: A litre of light

Advertiser: Isang Litrong Liwanag
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Monica Curca: The campaign featuring the “Simply Brilliant – a liter of light” touched me on many levels – the ads were short stories featuring the general depressing lightless life many face in the slums of Manila. It showed how working, studying or living in the dark drastically diminished not only productivity but JOY.  The innovative concept of using an item that was formally trash brings a redemptive quality to the initiative. The simplicity of the solution and the smiles of the people (not to mention the use of local labor and sustainability factors) makes it SIMPLY SPECIAL!

Claire Kerr: “A Litre of Light” is the kind of campaign that really demonstrates the power of online video. This clever engineering idea could have been described in diagrams, blog posts, or photos, but nothing could be as powerful as the ‘before & after’ footage of a home illuminated by the pop bottle’s light.

Social Movement of the Year: Occupy

Reference posts:
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Occupy George: Money talks, but not loud enough for the 99%
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Marc: The spontaneous character, the viral effect to all corners of the world and the fear that arose in the financial world made Occupy the most powerful social movement of recent years.
It is a signal that something huge is wrong with our economic system. The gap between rich and poor is finally put on the map. Not only in the third world but everywhere.




See all 20 nominees here.


We couldn’t do this competition without the help of our friends and allies in the jury. We’re proud to get help from jury members all around the world and from a many disciplines in the world of cause marketing and communication.

All Osocio bloggers are members of the jury. And we are very proud to get help from:

  • David Berman, Do Good Design author/strategic thinker, UN Special Advisor web accessibility.
  • Guillermo Caro, is an international consultant. He was Executive Creative Director of Ogilvy & Mather, founder of Advertisers Without Borders and Ogilvy Prosocial Latin American. He is expert in non-profit advertising, marketing for social causes and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Åsk Dabitch, the force behind Adland. Art Director geek.
  • Sophie Guérinet, Event & Collection Manager at ACT Responsible.
  • Jean julien Guyot, Trust Manager at agency SID LEE and blogfriend for a long time at IPUB.
  • Paul de Gregorio, Head of Mobile at UK fundraising agency Open FundraisingHis blog.
  • Constantin Nimigean, Owner at, an inspirational website about contemporary photography and founder of Love Issue online magazine.
  • Claire Kerr, Director of Digital Philanthropy, Artez Interactive. Blogger at
  • Steve Hall, Advertising Guy and Publisher of Adrants.
  • Gustavo Machado, Designer+Educator+Social Entrepreneur from São Paulo, Brazil. Editor at – Sharing our Future
  • Joe La Pompe, great lover of creative advertising and restless “copycat hunter” since 1999 on his blog
  • Nancy E. Schwartz, Publisher of the Getting blog and e-update, expert in nonprofit marketing.
  • Reinier Spruit, Head of Fundraising at Greenpeace International and founder/blogger at 101fundraising, crowdblog on fundraising.
  • Nedra Kline Weinreich, Founder of Weinreich Communications, expert in the field of Social Marketing.
  • Martina Zavagno, Interactive marketer working for a premium sports brand. And famous advertising blogger at Adverblog.

Hat tip to Reuben, Tom and Tatjana for all the work around our yearly festivity!

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