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Our Digital Footprint #osocio

Our Digital Footprint #osocio

This is blogpost No. 3.500. A good a good excuse to tell you what we are doing right now. Because Osocio is more than this website.
We are the central hub for everything cause marketing and advertising related. It’s about communication for making this world a better place.
And this website is our central hub. With the campaign blog as most important place.
But there is more.

This year we started the Academy section. It is backgrounds, theory, interviews and cases. Of course all about the things that happen in our niche.
In 2013, we want to expand this section.

It’s our communication channel. Follow us for recent updates and the latest news. And here we get a lot of tips. And we love the read yours.


It is our most important referrer. But did you know we spread more content over there than we do on our website?
Like us and don’t forget the activate the ‘Add to Interest Lists …’ option. Then you are assured that our updates appear in your timeline.

We’re are posting a lot of visual stuff. Therefore Pinterest is a ideal tool for us. And we’re posting more than on our website, just like we do on Facebook

There is much written about our field. Too much to cover it all by ourselves. And we love to share the things written and shown on the Internet.
That is where we use for.

Rebelmouse is a relative new tool for sharing content from the platforms listed here. It’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other combined in one page.
Try it. Hope you like it.

I’m sorry we’re not very active right now on Google+ and Linkedin. We post there occasionally. But we love to discuss the social advertising topics more in depth with you. And that’s where these two platfoms are made for. Which one would you choose?

Any tips, comments or new campaigns? Entries for our Agenda section?
Contact us by e-mail (or on the mentioned platforms here).

Check our updates with your favourite feed aggregator by including our RSS feed.

We have a mobile friendly website. Less graphics and optimized for small screens.
See it here.

Meet our team here. With all possible ways to contact our authors.
We’re a bunch of social advertising lovers all working in the industry in some way.
Remember that we’re all making Osocio in our spare time. We’re non-commercial. We’re doing it because we love it!

We have a lot of ideas for 2013. Be prepared 🙂
Ideas? Contact us on your favourite platform mentioned above.

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