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Paint Your Ballot campaign wins Kreatura

Paint Your Ballot campaign wins Kreatura

I just came back from Warsaw, where I was in the jury of the Polish advertising festival Kreatura. The jury’s favourite was the viral campaign ‘Daj Glos / Paint Your Voting Card’  by Koledzy Strategia & Kreacja. This campaign supported a grassroots initiative to encourage young people to vote on the 2007 parliamentary elections in Poland. The idea was quite simple – give more colour to your vote. Viewers could paint their ballots (voting cards), share their creations on YouTube and, and cast their painted ballots (which were valid according to the Polish law). The ‘Daj Glos’ campaign and its spokesman Viktor z Bielska received the Special Kreatura Award.


Another social ad awarded by the Kreatura jury was the campaign against discrimination of women aged 45+ on the Polish job market. The TV ads were created by Opus B.