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Panda sushi served up in two very similar campaigns

Panda sushi served up in two very similar campaigns

Two campaigns for two different organizations, but the same cause.

One idea:


Which one do you think is more effective? Ogilvy Singapore’s shock campaign, or Ogilvy Paris’ humour? Is this copycatting? (Can you even call it that, when they’re both Ogilvy?)

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society campaign by Ogilvy Singapore.

Art Directors: Stuart Mills, Anthony Tham
Copywriter: Jagdish Ramakrishnan

Source: I Believe in Advertising


WWF campaign By Ogilvy Paris

Creative Director: Chris Garbutt
Copywriter: Arnaud Vanhelle
Art Director: Benoît Raynert
Photographer: Thomas Mangold

Source: Ads of the World


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