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Parade against fur – Parade gegen pelz

Parade against fur – Parade gegen pelz

Such a great idea! So refreshing after all the PETA nudity campaigns. With the online campaign, which is closely linked with Facebook, Vier Pfoten (Four Paws) will motivate especially the younger audience to participate.
Napapijri, Armani, PRADA, Kookai, Closed, MAX MARA and Burberry are asked to refrain from trading in fur.
For fashion without real fur! Go and get naked … well, only in virtual world but it is a hell of a fun and for good cause. You can create your own naked avatar (also known as Naketar) on their website.
Here the link, check it out parade against fur


About VIER PFOTEN (Four Paws):
“For more than two decades, Four Paws has consistently and successfully focused on one goal: to help animals – abused due to economic, scientific or other reasons – to their rights.”

How can you recognise real Fur?
“Pull apart the top hairs of the fur and take a look what is underneath. If you discover a underwool, made of fine, concentrated, fluffy hair then it is likely that you have real fur in the hands …” source: parade against fur – find out more

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