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Paralympians are unstoppable

Paralympians are unstoppable


An amazing video by BBDO, Toronto, for the Canadian Paralympic Committee. A runner with a prosthetic leg sprints back through the challenges he has had to overcome, through physiotherapy, surgery, back to the horrible traffic crash that injured him. And nothing stops him.

Inspirational. Thanks to Ads of the World for sharing this.

Canadian Paralympic Committee
BBDO Toronto (Canada)
Additional credits:
Executive Creative Directors: Peter Ignazi, Carlos Moreno
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Michael Clowater
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Linda Carte
Agency Producer: Terry Kavanagh
Production Company: Sons & Daughters
Executive Producer: Liane Thomas
Production Co. Producer: Andrew Sulliman
Director: Mark Zibert
Cinematographer: Chris Mably
Editor & Editing House: Mark Paiva, PosterBoy Edit
Music: RMW Music
Visual Effects: Crush Inc.
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