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Belgian Paralympians push the limits far beyond the finish line

Belgian Paralympians push the limits far beyond the finish line

This campaign video from the Belgian Paralympic Committee (BPC) is powerful in many meanings. Above all it is a convincing portrayal of Belgian paralympians as driven, non-stop athletes.

The video begins with the statement “Training doesn’t start at nine”. For Paralympians, it is always training, from the moment you get up in the morning. Eating breakfast, getting dressed, taking the stairs, going up hills, or over a curb… these are all things that you and I take for granted but which present an extra challenge for these athletes. This 24/7 challenge makes incredibly strong Paralympians are also, both mentally and physically.

The video ends with the “Powered by Rio” slogan, the binding element of BPC’s entire Rio campaign. The final selection of the Belgian team for the Paralympic Games in September will be announced on 30 June.

Part of“Powered by Rio” is this crowdfunding campaign. Sports fans can buy Kilometres to support the Paralympic Team.

Agency: LDV United
Athletes: Jonas Van de Steene, Maarten Libin, Marieke Vervoort, Peter Genyn, Joachim Gérard, Mike Denayer, Michèle George, Christophe Hindricq, Diederick Schelfhout

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