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Parasites in motion: Schistosomiasis

Parasites in motion: Schistosomiasis

This doesn’t look very special on first sight. It is a stop-motion video made with ordinary, and sometimes fashioned materials. It is the visual format and message what makes it worth posting. Because it is becoming more visible in health awareness and patient information.

The power of simplification we know in advertising is here used to tell the complicated and unknown story of Schistosomiasis also known as snail fever. It is the condition caused by Schistosoma, a life-threatening parasite that can live in water, snails and even people. Symptoms include abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloody stool, or blood in the urine. People who have been prolonged infected may experience liver damage, kidney failure, infertility, or bladder cancer. In children, it can cause poor growth and learning difficulty.

The video comes from the Natural History Museum in London. One of their targets is doing research on NTDs, Neglected Tropical Disease like Schistosomiasis. As said at the end of the video the aim is to eliminate the disease in 2020. An ambitious goal for which they started the project Scan.

The animated video explains to us what the disease is, what it caused and what the goal is of the museum. Three messages poured into a form that is understandable for everyone. Like for people in countries where the disease is common, just as illiteracy.

I will post more often this kind of videos with easily accessible for patients and their family. Any tips? Let me know.

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