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Parents share their pain to stop drunk driving

Parents share their pain to stop drunk driving

Via Make The Logo Bigger, this heartbreaking PSA was released Monday, featuring the Flynn family tearfully reliving the loss of their 7-year-old daughter, Kate, to a drunk driver in 2005.

According to, the family was returning from a wedding in which Kate had been a flower girl when a drunk driver crashed into their limousine and literally tore it — and the little girl — in half. The limo driver was also killed.

The driver who caused the crash was Martin Heidgen, who had consumed 14 drinks before driving the wrong way on a parkway and hitting the family head-on. He is now serving an 18-years-to-life sentence after being convicted on two counts of murder.


While admittedly “artless” (meaning there is no ad concept at work) this straight-up testimonial plays like a victim impact statement and is gut-wrenching in its raw emotion even five years after the tragedy. The more drunk drivers see the reality of the lives they destroy (including their own) the better.

Will it have any impact on driving safety? Maybe not on the hardcore drunks like Martin Heidgen, but I have a feeling it will make the social drinkers take notice.

New York State Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee and New York State Broadcasters Association
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