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Pedal-Driven: A Bikeumentary

Pedal-Driven: A Bikeumentary

Some people think mountain biking is bad for nature. It isn’t. Research proofs the opposite. Mountain bikers behave more responsible towards the environment than most other people do. And biking is good for your health, physical and mentally.

Howell at the Moon Productions is making the documentary Pedal-Driven. It explores the conflict between bikers and land management agencies like the US Forest Service. Across the USA there is a common story of bikers who just want to be in nature and are being pushed out by agencies calling their activity criminal. Pedal-Driven is a ground-breaking documentary that will expose this controversy and point to ways of solving it.
In the USA there are 40 million mountain bikers but this conflict isn’t just an American problem. Skate punks of the forest are fighting all over the world for the rights to play in the woods.

The people behind Pedal-Driven are collecting funds right now to make the Bikeumentary.
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