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People react and pay back with fish emoji’s #GobiernoPasaoAPescao

People react and pay back with fish emoji’s #GobiernoPasaoAPescao

In recent years, we have not seen too many fast reaction activism campaigns. Generally, campaigns are part of a complex NGO’s planning work. That’s why this social media action caught your attention, because in addition to a social and creative reflections, is a refreshingly spontaneous and cheap mobilization activity. Despite this social media action could look like “another slacktivism campaign” but, Greenpeace seize the opportunity doing what they do best, with an online petition.

Greenpeace and other CSO’s have consistently denounced  over-exploitation sea resources, in southern Chile, where the salmon industry has had one of the most negative impacts on the local flora and fauna. The last event was, government authorized to pour nine thousand tons of dead salmon (rotten), from salmon harvest industry, on deep waters, as a result of an algae-related to climate phenomenon “El Niño.” After that, near the Chiloé area where they were dumped those dead salmon, a large numbers of animals from different marine species, found dead; fish, shellfish and birds.

Greenpeace’s reaction was swift. In response to government authorization, Greenpeace created the hashtag #GobiernoPasaoAPescao (government smells like fish), inviting people to use a fish emoji to return the nine thousand tons of dead fish to the government in their fanpage so make government deal with, and response for the consequences.

Greenpeace Chile Campaign

“They authorized 9.000 tons of rotting salmon were poured on Chiloé seas. Now, we give them back 9.000 virtual Tons on their fanpage”. #GobiernoPasaoAPescao

The campaign was trending topic in Chile and received support also from Argentina.

– The Government authorized 9,000 tons of rotting salmon were poured into the sea.
Today We GIVE THEM BACK ALL THE ROTTEN FISH so make they deal with it.
– Copy the first comment of this publication and paste it in the comments of this post: of the Chilean Government fanpage

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