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People with early-onset dementia recorded their finest memories

People with early-onset dementia recorded their finest memories

This new campaign from the Flemish Alzheimer’s League is actually a recording and transmitting device for people with early-onset dementia. They launched a special website named Ikbenernog (I’m still here) on which anyone can leave a memory for their loved ones in the form of a sound recording.

The League:

The disease is a great burden at an early age. People with early-onset dementia understand what awaits them. That’s why we gave them this opportunity to record messages for later, while they still can.

For the League this is also an awareness campaign because early-onset dementia is often misunderstood and unrecognized.

Hilde Lamers of the Alzheimer’s League:

We often hear that people with early-onset dementia and their families are misunderstood. They’re told things like, ‘You’re exaggerating…’, ‘There’s nothing wrong with you…’ or ‘Everyone forgets things now and then…’. Statements like these are all the more painful. These make the environment even more difficult because they’re fighting on two fronts: against early-onset dementia and against prejudice. And this is what the League wants to combat.

The aim of the campaign is to create a more subtle image of dementia and give people an insight into what a courageous battle people with early-onset dementia are fighting every day. And they succeeded with six people who recorded their finest memories for their loved ones. The memory is followed by an emotional passage in which they say that their finest memories will never disappear. “Alzheimer’s will never rob me of these wonderful memories.”

The three videos in this post are beautiful but also heartbreaking examples of the shared memories.

Agency: DDB Brussels

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