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PerFiducia / Have Faith

PerFiducia / Have Faith

In this overheated media 2.0 age full of oneliners and 30 sec messsages it is relief to discover three movie pearls from Italy.
“PerFiducia” (Have Faith) a initiative from bank Intesa Sanpaolo, intent to recount the positive and vital forces that animate our country,” according to the PerFiducia Web site.

“We wanted to do something useful to contrast the negative mood that was growing in people, because apart from the economic crisis there is also a widespread crisis of faith in the future,” said Vittorio Meloni, head of internal relations for Intesa Sanpaolo. This was not the moment for a traditional ad campaign touting a bank’s merits, he said. “It’s enough for us that people ask, ‘Why did the bank do this?’ Because the answer implies that we are more than just a bank.”

The three films, of 10 minutes each, will be screened in movie theatres and on internet on in Italian and English. They will also be on air on TV with a 3 minutes and 90 seconds version.
The YouTube versions are Italian only, including ‘the making of’.

Can the movie world really instil some hope in such dark moments?
Director Ermanno Olmi gave it a thought and said yes. And the same was for Gabriele Salvatores and Paolo Sorrentino, because they are all signing a series of short films to tell the value of trust and faith as a positive and lively power for the Country.

PerFiducia: With these short films, we see appear an Italy that’s still capable of believing in its future. An Italy that lives this moment of crisis with sense of duty, with the ability of sacrificing itself, with solidarity and understanding.

The directors, which represent three generations of Italian filmmaking, have created three very different stories.

Paolo Sorrentino, with La Partita Lenta (The slow game, Italian version above), has filmed a rugby match used as a metaphor, in life and sport, to show how faith and trust help you go to goal, even a very near one, in spite of all the difficulties you can find on your path.

Gabriele Salvatores in his Stella has created a surprise story, set during the 80’s and in nowadays. In this story, trust and faith arise through the solidarity and understanding of two women.

Ermanno Olmi, with Il Premio (The award), has filmed the true story of two students winning a prize for a useful and innovative project. Their self-consciousness will help them believe in their future, both in fiction and real life.

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