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Pesticides are dangerous. Not only for insects

Pesticides are dangerous. Not only for insects




Three ads from Global 2000, the Austrian organisation for environmental protection. Global 2000 discovered that many fruits and vegetables are poisoned with pesticides. In order to raise awareness about the problem within the Austrian population, Global 2000 started a campaign consisting of newspaper and billboards, as well as ambient action.

The ambient part of the campaign were tiny, little figures (as small as insects) placed on window sills, lying there like dead insects. I’m still looking for pictures of the ambient part of the campaign, anybody?
Copy: Pestizide sind gefährlich. Nicht nur für Insekten.
Pesticides are dangerous. Not only for insects.

Global 2000
Jung von Matt/Donau, Vienna
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Andreas Putz
Art Director: Stephanie Lackner
Copywriter: Thomas Niederdorfer

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