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PETA makes a morphy case for animal personhood

PETA makes a morphy case for animal personhood

This video, just posted by PETA, is narrated by RZA from American hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan.

RZA is known as an outspoken vegan, so the message comes through with feeling. The facial morphing is a little old-school (you might remember it best from Michael Jackson’s 1991 “Black Or White” video), but it supports the message.

“Personhood” is a complicated subject. There have been efforts to give great apes, our nearest relatives, some form of human rights, but PETA’s video spreads the message outwards to reptiles, fish, and crustaceans. This is in keeping with PETA’s overall vegan philosophy, but for the general public it might be a bit of a stretch of the core message to feel empathy for animals (mostly mammals) used and abused for food, research, and entertainment. Then again, my cynical bias towards all things PETA may be showing here.

The ad will be broadcast on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah. I first saw it on XXLMag.

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