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PETA suggests delaying ejaculation by thinking of Fidel Castro… or going vegan

PETA suggests delaying ejaculation by thinking of Fidel Castro… or going vegan

PETA suggests delaying ejaculation by thinking of Fidel Castro… or going vegan

PETA are at it again, using sex, shock tactics and questionable health claims to promote a vegan diet:

From their press release:

“Any man who lacks stamina between the sheets should look at what’s on his plate—and resolve to do better in 2014 by choosing healthy vegan meals,” says PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange. “Unlike cholesterol-laden meat, eggs, and dairy products, vegan food such as beans, rice, tortillas, fruits, and vegetables keep the blood flowing to all vital parts of the body.”

While most people realize that vegans are less prone to developing heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity than meat-eaters are, many are unaware that the cholesterol and saturated animal fats in meat and other animal products restrict the flow of blood to all the body’s organs and can lead to impotence—the fear of which can lead to premature ejaculation.

You see what they did there? It’s quite a trick. In their campaign site, they linked to two Mayo Clinic articles. One says that erectile dysfunction can be caused by heart disease, for which they rightly claim a high-fat diet can be a factor. The second claims that fear of ED can contribute to premature ejaculation. But in both cases, there are many possible causes and quite a few unknowns. The logic makes more leaps than an Olympic hurdler.

It may be satisfying to PETA’s vegan male supporters to imagine themselves to be sexual dynamos because of their dietary choices, but it’s hardly an argument that stands up to scrutiny. Especially when equally-questionable sources such as Men’s Health tell their readers that eating more steak is the key to a more satisfying sex life.

I doubt this campaign will make much impact either way. Who among PETA’s youthful followers actually knows what the Cuban Missile Crisis was, and how many of them remember Fidel Castro, five years after his retirement? (Especially one who is so poorly added in post?)

It’s all rather limp.


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