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Pifworld: Charity you control

Pifworld: Charity you control


I don’t tell anything new that the role of the fundraiser is taken over by all of us the last few years. Many new initiatives started to help us with our role in charity. One of them is Pifworld, a charity platform where members can donate to projects they choose.
Today, the first project fundraised by the Pifworld community is a fact. The project Water for School Kids reached it’s budget of 8,500 Euros. The schoolkids of Gunjur will now be provided with clean drinking water improving hygiene and health. That is not the end of this project. Happy Gunjur, the foundation that carries out this project, will keep the Pifworld community updated on a regular basis. They will provide blogs, photos and video updates so Players can see the progress of this project with their own eyes.

Andries van der Meer, founder of Happy Gunjur: “Our success is mostly based on our belief that Pifworld is the new medium for fundraising and the ability to share this belief with others. I also put a lot of effort into the communication with the Players. Overall, Pifworld has proved to be of great added value in the fundraising process.”

Recently I talked with communication manager Nina Motzheim about how Pifworld works. Read more after the break.

Happy Gunjur Project Video:

Where does the name Pifworld stand for?
Nina Motzheim: The letters PIF in Pifworld stand for Play it Forward.
Play it forward is inspired by the movie Pay it Forward. In this movie a young boy comes up with the idea to change the world: a chain reaction of good deeds. He invents the idea to pay a good deed forward, instead of back. By putting this idea into action he starts up a worldwide revolution to change the world for the better. That is exactly what Pifworld aims to achieve. So that is where play it forward, thus Pifworld, comes from. Donating to a project and inviting friends is what we call playing it forward.

Who started Pifworld and why did they do it?
The Play it Forward Organisation was established in 2007. Harmen van Doorn, a former investment banker, turned social entrepreneur. Harmen came up with the idea for Play It Forward and gathered key professionals and creative people around him. Together they set up Pifworld to make a positive change worldwide.

How does Pifworld work?
Easy. Join Pifworld, donate to a project you like and invite three friends. Together we can realise almost every charity project. It’s power in numbers. If your friends also invite three friends and their friends invite three others we will reach the number of ten million people in no time. That way, we can create a positive change worldwide.
Visitors are able to see the impact they realise. Through regular video updates, photos and personal blogs they can follow the progress of their project.

100% of the donations goes to the chosen organisation. How does Pifworld get its money?
The Play it Forward Organisation derives its income from the interest received on donations, advertisement and (company) sponsoring in order to market and maintain Pifworld.

What are the most popular projects?
We have 51 amazing projects on the globe, all on different themes, target groups and budgets.  We see that projects that directly communicate with their support base are being very successful. The Water for School Kids project for example has already raised almost 80 percent of its budget.

What criteria does a project have to meet?
A project can only be placed after Play it Forward B.V. (PiF) has screened the application form of the partner organisation. After approval, the project is placed on the globe. Most important is that the project contributes to a positive change for man, animal, or planet. Sustainable projects are being placed on the globe.

The good thing is that our members have full insight in all project information: e.g. the full project application, the budget, the organisation that carries out the project and so on. All information is easily accessible and transparent. Based on that information a Player can decide whether to support the project or not.

Through regular video updates, photos and personal blogs you can see every step of your project.

Pifworld trailer:


Do political projects fit in your strategy?
Pifworld offers all kinds of projects. They differ in size, target group and theme. Pifworld aims to be neutral and does not take in political positions.

Pifworld isn’t the only initiative in the new charity spectrum. How can we compare Pifworld with others like
There are different initiatives trying to contribute to a better world and they all do a good job.

Pifworld is a strong initiative that offers a powerful tool to change the world. The main difference with is that on Pifworld you have the opportunity to fundraise for your favourite project and to involve your (online) network.

It is the combination of several factors that makes Pifworld unique. The wide range of projects, the level of transparency through personal blogs, photo’s and regular video updates, the fact that 100% of your money benefits the project you have chosen to support and the fact that you can invite your friends or make new friends. All this together makes Pifworld what it is. An easy and fun way to do good.

Osocio is about advertising and marketing for change. What is Pifworld doing in that perspective?
Pifworld is not only a powerful tool for individuals to change the world; it’s a marketing tool for all our projects as well. Through Pifworld, organisations that carry out the projects are able to reach a new audience and strengthen their visibility on the web. The placement of a project on Pifworld is free of charge for all organisations. Marketing and acquisition costs for foundations are herewith decreased. A money-saving strategy.

The faces behind Pifworld:

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