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Pillow against poverty

Pillow against poverty



This guerilla action was seen on the main shopping street of Antwerp, the Meir. Belgium designer Pieter-Jan Fraussen, who is in final year of the St. Lucas Hogeschool in Antwerp, puts 60 pillows on benches with the text: ‘Still too many people sleep on the street. Sign the petition at (stop armoede = stop poverty).
In Dutch: “Nog steeds teveel mensen slapen op straat. Onderschrijf mee de platformtekst op:”

There was a lot of attention from various media, like national TV and a couple of newspapers. The main goal was too get as much attention as possible with this project, to make the people in Belgium aware about poverty in Antwerp.
Pieter-Jan Fraussen is finishing a short video about the project right now. I will post it later on.

Update: The video is now ready.





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