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Playboy shows us some pink(washing)

Playboy shows us some pink(washing)

After almost 60 years of profiting from women’s breasts, Playboy is finally giving them something back… sort of.


It might be one of the most overt cases of pinkwashing you’ll see this October. (Correction: The common definition of pinkwashing implies that the advertiser’s goods are harmful to women’s health. The connection here is up to you.)

For every new Twitter follower he gets @playboy, the Hef is offering to sponsor his own team of Bunnies in LA’s Race for the Cure this March — to the tune of 10¢ per human being. A whole dime! (Up to $10,000.)

To put that in context, the going rate for an un-engaged follower from social media mercenary services is about 1.7¢ per name. Playboy is paying a premium price of $10 per 100 interested opt-in followers. Can you even buy a social media list that good for such a great price? Plus, Playboy gets to wrap itself in woman-friendly corporate social responsibility from now until next spring. Brilliant! But will they get away with it?


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