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Pleather Yourself like Jenna Jameson

Pleather Yourself like Jenna Jameson

OMG, Jenna Jameson did some research and found out that wearing leather is cruel!
You don’t know who J. Jameson is? Check Wikipedia.
JJ asked us not to wear leather anymore. By choosing pleather (plastic leather), you are keeping the fun alive and helping animals.

Jenna wants to do even more to encourage you to try pleather. That’s why she gave PETA the bikini that she donned in the ad to give away to one lucky fan. Fill out the form at PETA’s website by April 5.

We have seen a lot of provocative campaigns from PETA. A few posts ago PETA’s president Ingrid Newkirk talks about the marketing strategy. I agree with most of it but I’ve seen too much nudity in their campaigns. Please PETA try something new, something original.



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